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Executive Oil Services

About Us

Executive Oil Services, LLC (EOS) is the premier mobile car maintenance service for busy professionals. We provide convenient, professional oil change services to employees at property management companies and business parks, as well as to tenants at apartment complexes. Leveraging an innovative online scheduling system, an improved method of oil extraction, and a custom service vehicle, EOS takes the stress out of getting an oil change. By using site-specific, EPA-certified methods of protection, we ensure that no oil gets on the ground. Our experienced professionals take pride in doing the job the right way, by properly disposing of all used oil at registered recycling facilities.

No More Waiting - Convenient Personalized Service

Our Values

We are our own customers. Over the years we have seen plenty of areas for improvement, and have come up with what we believe are the solutions to problems plaguing the automobile maintenance industry.

1. No more waiting for your car or setting up a convoy to get back and forth to the garage.

We've all been there. Now, simply book online. We will meet you and take care of the rest.

2. No more surprise charges or feelings of being taken advantage of.

At almost every garage we've been to, the price we get on the phone is vastly different from the walk-out price. At EOS we strive to lead with transparency and educate our customers.

3. Making the road a safer place for all of us.

Car maintenance has trended to be a largely neglected aspect of people's lives. We believe that once you learn more about your car and its needs, not only will you save money, but also you and your vehicle will be more protected on the road.

From the EOS team we hope to be your next solution. Thank you and drive safe.

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